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    IceCap® Rink Conversion Floor

    Manufacturing the patented WAFFLE composite panels since 1997, SpaceAge’s IceCap® ice conversion floors are utilized in hundreds of prestigious multipurpose arenas across the globe.

    Patented Waffle Composite Panels IceCap® Lite Duty IceCap® Floor

    Our IceCap® is a fiber-reinforced structural foam rink conversion floor that will quickly and efficiently allow your spectator arena to become a multi-purpose venue, capable of hosting any dry floor event. Any size ice surface can be quickly and efficiently covered with IceCap® using a small crew. The panels can safely remain in place for many days without fear of sticking to the ice. The patented “waffle” underside is engineereed to provide excellent insulating properties by trapping cold air below the panel. The light weight floor is highly durable, has good compression strength and provides many years of use in the aggressive conversion environment.

  • IceCap®

    IceCap® Pro

    IceCap® is the ultimate solution for converting any ice surface into a dry floor, able to host a variety of events.

    Ice Cap Pro Floor at the Scandivanuim Ice Cap Pro Flooring at Arena Event

    • Light Weight.
    • Highly durable.
    • Good impact strength.
    • Will not swell, flake or delaminate.
    • 4' x 8', 5' x 8' and other sizes available.
    • Closed cell composite is non-absorbent.
    • Polyurethane, fiberglass-reinforced panels.
    • Easy to install, clean and store until the next event.
    • Patented "waffle" underside, engineered to provide excellent insulating properties by trapping cold air below the panel.

  • IceCap

    IceCap® Lite-Duty

    IceCap Lite Duty

    Our new light-use rink conversion floor, designed and sold at a price point that makes it more affordable for smaller spectator venues and community rinks to host lighter traffic, dry floor events. With the continued benefits of the engineered waffle design, these new 5/8” X 48” X 96” ice covering panels weigh only 30 lbs., and are a perfect solution for venues that have fewer changeovers.

    IceCap Lite Duty
  • Rapid Results

    IceCap® Pro FASCOAT

    The STAPLES Center uses IceCap Fascoat The STAPLES Center uses IceCap Fascoat

    The STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA uses IceCap® Pro FASCOAT

    Our composite 1” X 48” X 96” 62 lb. panels with FASCOAT, a black textured coating, sprayed onto the top surface that provides increased wear resistance, improved slip resistance, and consistent surface appearance.

    FASCOAT surface